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Photometer 2


Photometer 2 Large Format Exposure Meter

Image-plane metering system for large format cameras

  • 4x5, 5x7 or 8x10 formats available
  • 12 film speed settings
  • Wide exposure range 1/4000s to > 1 hour

£195 inclusive shipping

Complete with 4x5 metering frame as standard. Visit the product page for additional format options.


Compensating Developing Timer

Compensating Developing Timer

Take the hit-and-miss out of film and paper development

  • Accurate compensation for temperature - even during the developing process
  • Precision stainless steel temperature sensor
  • Implements the standard "Ilford" time-temperature charts
  • Includes wall bracket, temperature sensor, tray clamp, footswitch

£220 inclusive shipping


Enlarger Timer

Enlarger Timer

A rugged, fully featured timer, which can be used in any darkroom, with any enlarger

  • Ideal for high-use settings
  • Suitable for schools, universities and public darkrooms
  • Optional footswitch
  • Universal voltage 110-240 VAC,50-60Hz

£190 incl p&p

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Photometer 2 Studio

    Photometer 2 Studio

    A studio version of our popular Photometer 2

    • Optimised for lower film speeds
    • 4x5, 5x7 or 8x10 format
    • Ultra large format special sensor available

    £250 incl p&p

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