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Photometer 2 - Large Format Exposure Meter

DLG Exposure Meter.
Exposure meter for large format cameras
Allows metering at any point in the image


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Available in the USA from our distributors CatLABS of JP

Temperature Compensating Development Timer

Compensating Developing Timer small fileThe Compensating Development Timer will help take the hit-and-miss out of timing the development of photographic film and paper under off-nominal temperature conditions. By measuring the temperature of the developing solution continually during development, and adjusting the timer rate accordingly, correct development is assured even as temperatures vary during development.

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£199 + £10p&p

Available in the USA from our distributors CatLABS of JP

Enlarging Meter/Timer

Enlarging Meter - TimerAllows point metering across the projected image, selection of optimum exposure time to suit image brightness range, visual indication of greyscale range and selection of optimum paper grade

Optional control of enlarger (for auto-exposure timing), safelight and room light.

Product launch date – late 2018

Target price - £250

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