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Enlarger Timer

Designed for years of hard use in a professional working environment the DLG Enlarger Timer is of robust design and simple to operate, yet offering a number of advanced features.Enlarger Timer

The Hardware:

  • Tough metal housing and robust design

  • Digital Microprocessor controlled

  • Universal Voltage 110 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz

  • Compliant with EU and US standards

The Features:

  • Straightforward and simple to operate

  • High Power switched outputs for safelight and enlarger - 5 Amps

  • Safelight-red display

  • 10 step adjustable display brightness, digitally-controlled

  • Exposure from zero to 999 seconds

  • User-settable time steps - 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and 1 second

  • User-settable metronome function - off, or 1, 2, 5 or 10 second beep sound

  • Supports delayed-start enlargers with settable delay compensation in 0.1 second steps

  • User settings retained on power-off

  • Connection for optional footswitch


  • Enlarger Timer

  • Mains Lead

  • 2x IEC connectors for fitting to your enlarger and safelight

  • Spare fuses

  • Instruction Manual

  • Wall-mounting fixings

Foot SwitchWhy not add a footswitch? Ideal for handsfree option when dodging and burning. Normally £40, only £35 if bought together with the timer.





A special connecting cable for DeVere enlargers is available - see spares and accessories page page.


Price - £190 - inclusive shipping!

National Plug Types

International Sales

We ship internationally. Shipping is included in the cost for our major markets in EU, Australia and NZ. Please contact us to confirm shipping cost elsewhere.

A specially-designed North America model is available from CatLABS of JP, featuring US-style (NEMA 5-15) outlet sockets for enlarger and safelight.

As standard, we supply with a mains cable fitted with a UK plug. We can substitute other cables on request at no extra charge - please contact us when ordering. We stock cables with European "Schuko" plug and Australian/NZ plug, many other can be obtained within 2 days.

Note - we do not recommend the use of travel adaptors etc, for this or indeed any other appliances, as in our experience such adaptors do not conform to regulations and in many instances are, in our opinion, unsafe. Please either request your national plug type, or, source a lead locally (cables should be fitted with an IEC C13 connector, should have an Earth (ground) connection an be rated for a minimum of 5 amps)

Download the  instruction manual here.

Spares and Accessories

Visit the spares and accessories page


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Enlarger Timer InstalledEnlarger Timer Installed, Close-UpEnlarger Timer - ONEnlarger Timer Bottom View


A short video showing the features of the timer and how to operate it.


A five-minute instructional video on using the timer:


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