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Enlarger Timer

The enlarger timer is a robust and simple-to operate mains-powered unit designed to give accurate control of the enlarger by directly switching the enlarger power supply.Enlarger Timer

Compared with our more sophisticated Enlarging Meter-Timer this unit is designed for robustness and simplicity to give years of service under hard usage in professional darkrooms and educational establishments - and at an affordable price!

The enlarger timer offers the following features:

  •  Robust extruded aluminium housing

  • Rear-printed chemical-resistant fine-textured polyester fascia

  • Wall-mountable

  • Universal operating voltage 100 – 250 VAC, 50-60 Hz

  • Switched enlarger output up to 5 amps

  • Switched safelight output

  • Manual power switch for enlarger, for focussing.

  • Precision control 0.1s to 999s

  • Easy-to-use controls

  • Safelight-red display

  • Large, clear display – 0.56” / 14.2mm digit height

  • Adjustable display illumination – lowest setting ultra-dim for sensitive panchromatic emulsions

  • Adjustable display format and time increments – 0-99s in 0.1, 0.2 or 0.5 increments and 0-999s in 1s increments

  • Metronome - user-selectable timer period or set silent

  • Adjustable start delay for enlargers with a start-up delay

  • Last time set retained for subsequent exposures

  • All settings (time set, display brightness, display format and time increment) remembered after power off.

  • Optional footswitch

  • Compliant with all relevant EU and US standards.

Download the preliminary instruction manual here.

NEW - 3D pdf file - view in three dimensions, rotate and pan. Download here.


Demonstration video featuring prototype enlarger timer:

Availability - February 2019

Price - £150



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