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Enlarging Meter / Timer

The Enlarging Meter-Timer is designed as a comprehensive and sophisticated solution for all dry-side darkroom operations.Enlarger Meter-Timer

Compared with our basic Enlarger Timer, it provides a host of features for the darkroom user looking for a scientific and consistent printing process

  • Metering of the projected image for exposure setting

  •  Metering of contrast range for paper grade selection

  • Control of enlarger for precision timing of exposures

  • Support for “dodge” and “burn” metering and timing

  • Programmable print programmes (up to 99 programmes may be stored), each programme permitting up to 20 programme steps of base exposure, dodge and burn exposures

  • Multiple stored paper calibration data

  • User-definable paper types and characteristics

  • Timing of Test Strips

  • Option of metering in various fractional stop increments (1/16, 1/12 etc)

  • User calibration through inbuilt print densitometer

  • Optional compensation for enlarger brightness fluctuations

  • Aluminium desktop console with sloping front - 270mm wide, 180mm front-to-back, 60mm high

  • Universal voltage 100 to 250 VAC, 50-60 Hz.

Preliminary instruction manual available here

Product launch date – Q1 2019

Target price - £350

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